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May 2012

I have started a new webs.com page since they have revamped their site tools similar to that of weebly.com. As the summer approaches for 2012, it has been a wild first half. I just learned the rules of hockey during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I was rooting for The Devils in the Finals. It looked like the Kings were favored by the refs, especially at home. But, the series is over now and L.A. has finally claimed their first cup since their existence. It is now time for me to take a stand an choose a team. Back when I started collecting in th early 90's, I knew nothing about the sport. I even swore I would never collect for hockey. Well, things change. After 20 years of resisting, I gave in. It's not that I hated the game. I just couldn't understand it. It took long enough. I will probably follow the Blue Jackets and Rangers. Rangers would be my home team since I like them anyway and the games would be accessible. With the Blue Jackets, I like "new" teams, I like to root for them starting in on the ground floor, watching them grow up before they start exploding. I like their colors, too. 



March 2014

Blue Jackets got props on "Chicago PD" Season 1 Ep 9 "A Material Witness"



"Tradebait" is the most useless piece of shit you can buy. Maybe you got it at a bargain. However, it does not fit your collection, yet you have to find the right buyer for it. Ever wonder why "tradebait" is sold as such bargain basement prices?